Ansible Workshop - Ansible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (90 mins)

This is the documentation for Ansible Automation Platform 1.2. If you are looking for Ansible Automation Platform 2, please go to

Ansible is a simple yet powerful IT automation engine for application deployment, configuration management, and orchestration that you can learn quickly.

Table of Contents


The exercises are self explanatory and guide the participants through the entire lab. All concepts are explained when they are introduced.

There is an optional presentation available to support the workshops and explain Automation, the basics of Ansible and the topics of the exercises in more detail: Ansible RHEL Automation Google source - Red Hat only

Also have a look at our Ansible Best Practices Deck: Ansible Best Practices

Time planning

This workshop was created to last about 90 minutes and focuses more on targeting every day use cases to apply automation.

Lab Diagram

ansible rhel lab diagram

Ansible Automation Platform Exercises

Red Hat Ansible Automation