Workshop Exercise - Check the Prerequisites

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Your Lab Environment

In this lab you work in a pre-configured lab environment. You will have access to the following hosts:

Role Inventory name
Ansible Control Host ansible-1
Managed Host 1 node1
Managed Host 2 node2
Managed Host 3 node3

Step 1 - Access the Environment

Login to your control host via SSH:


Replace by your IP provided to you, and the X in studentX by the student number provided to you.

ssh studentX@


The password will be provided by your instructor

Then become root:

[student<X>@ansible-1 ~]$ sudo -i

Most prerequisite tasks have already been done for you:

Check Ansible has been installed correctly

[root@ansible-1 ~]# ansible --version
ansible 2.7.0


Ansible is keeping configuration management simple. Ansible requires no database or running daemons and can run easily on a laptop. On the managed hosts it needs no running agent.

Log out of the root account again:

[root@ansible-1 ~]# exit


In all subsequent exercises you should work as the student<X> user on the control node if not explicitly told differently.

Step 2 - Working the Labs

You might have guessed by now this lab is pretty commandline-centric…​ :-)


In the lab guide commands you are supposed to run are shown with or without the expected output, whatever makes more sense in the context.

Step 3 - Challenge Labs

You will soon discover that many chapters in this lab guide come with a “Challenge Lab” section. These labs are meant to give you a small task to solve using what you have learned so far. The solution of the task is shown underneath a warning sign.

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